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1205 MGL Raven Cartridge Needles 20 Count

Dead Raven Branded Raven Cartridge Needles, We are proud to announce our new line of top quality needles now avaliable to artists across the globe.


Magnum Long Taper 


Sleek Slot design allows cartridges to fit 99% of all pen machines,

Cartridges have Reinforced membrane with 4 thickened bars making them more durable,

Strong but Flexible membrane material,

High Quality medical PC material Shells make these cartridges better than other brands that use PVC material,

3 layer membrane prevents ink backflow,

All individual packages Sterilized with EO Gas

The tightly Fit needles stay in place while tattooing and do not shake or faulter.

High quality stainless steel needles.

1205 MGL Raven Cartridge Needles 20 Count

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