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A Pound of Flesh - Lucky Cat - Yellow

Bring wealth and good fortune to your shop with this purr-fectly tattooable icon: the Lucky Cat by A Pound of Flesh. This synthetic tattooable cat proudly sports all of your best work. The cat looks amazing at your workstation, perched on a front desk, or on display at your shop window. The Lucky Cat measures approximately 4” in width with a 7.25” height, giving you plenty of tattooable canvas space.

Practice new techniques and showcase your work on this tattooable Lucky Cat, then make sure clients can see it. Once it’s rocking your best work, the Lucky Cat is a lucky addition to any 3D portfolio and is sure to attract more clients.

Technical Specifications:

  • Available in Fitzpatrick Skin Tone 2, White, and Yellow
  • Dimensions: ~4” (W) x 7.24” (H) x 4.25” (D)
  • Manufactured from silicone and rubber-based materials
  • Ideal for practice or as part of a 3D portfolio

Stencil Application Tips:

Step 1: Apply isopropyl alcohol to a sheet of paper towel. Then wipe the tattoo site with your paper towel to clean it.
Step 2: Soak another sheet of paper towel with isopropyl alcohol. Then run a Speed Stick deodorant directly on the alcohol-soaked paper towel.
Hygiene Tip: Never apply the Speed Stick deodorant directly to the tattooable surface.
Step 3: Rub the Speed Stick deodorant and alcohol mixture directly onto the tattoo site.
Step 4: Apply your stencil evenly. Put pressure on it for about 5–10 seconds.
Step 5: Peel away your stencil carefully.
Step 6: Blow-dry your freshly applied stencil for 5–10 minutes. Then let it dry fully overnight.

A Pound of Flesh - Lucky Cat - Yellow

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