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Panthera Tattoo Ink - Black Gold - 5 oz

Experience Panthera’s signature velvety darkness. This artist-favorite brand uses molecular technology for pigments that have remarkable gloss and extra durability against sun fade.

Tackle any style with Panthera Black Gold, the world’s first preservative-free black tattoo ink. It has an extra high pigment concentration for lining, filling and more. Certified organic and REACH-compliant, Panthera Black Gold is also formulated to be less irritating on your client’s skin for a faster, smoother healing process. You can also count on deep, brilliant black healed results.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 5oz
  • Color: Black Gold
  • Durability against sun fade
  • Gamma-ray sterilized
  • Uses molecular technology for velvet gloss
  • Certified organic, carcinogen-free, and REACH compliant
  • The only preservative-free black tattoo ink in the world
  • Price per one bottle

Panthera Tattoo Ink - Black Gold - 5 oz

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