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Saferly Rinse Dip Clean Foam cup - 24 Count

Dip, rinse, and easily dry your needles without paper towels using Saferly Rinse Caps with Foam.


Product Highlights:

Dip, rinse, and dry your tattoo needles all in one with innovative rinse cups complete with an eco-friendly foam insert. This foam insert acts as a sponge. Simply dampen the foam insert with a small amount of water (~10–15 drops), rinse your tattoo needle with sterile water, then gently wipe your needle on the foam insert.

Easily dilute and blend your ink for a more varied palette. (You can use these Saferly Rinse Caps + Foam for color OR black and gray procedures.)

Negate the need for paper towels to clean your needles thanks to the sterile drying foam insert.


Prevent cross-contamination and enjoy mess-free procedures with a splatter-free, sterile, and hypo-allergenic setup.

Technical Specifications:

  • Rinse Cup Size: 25mm x 55mm
  • Hypo-allergenic, sterile, eco-friendly foam insert
  • Only to be used with up to 1/8oz of water (~15 drops); do not soak insert with water
  • Price per one box of 24

Saferly Rinse Dip Clean Foam cup - 24 Count

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