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Dead Raven Tattoo Supply LLC is number one seller of tattoo supplies and equipment for licensed professionals only; a policy that is enforced with pride for the protection of the craft and culture of tattooing.

We require verification that all customers own, manage, are employed by, or are otherwise professionally affiliated with a licensed tattoo and/or piercing shop.

To open a new account or update an existing account, please submit all possible accepted documents below (must have shop’s name and current shop address):

  • Business license from the state, city or county

  • Health department certificate of inspection

  • Tattoo or body art establishment license

  • Individual Artist License

 **Florida and California shops must provide health department certification**

 Below are items listed that are unfortunately not accepted:

  • Tax ID certificates

  • Blood borne pathogen certificates

  • LLC certificates

  • DBA certificates

We understand the regulations and licensure differ depending on state and location. A commercial lease agreement displaying the commercial address and shop name is an accepted document. Please contact us at with any questions or need of assistance.

Once the proper documentation has been received, your order will ship. Thank you for your continued support of Dead Raven’s focused effort to serve the professional tattoo community.

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